FreeBSD : nginx with php-cgi on unix socket

UPDATE : Check out recent committed /usr/ports/www/spawn-fcgi/, it comes with a better spawn-fcgi rc.d script. Please use the script from the post. However, the provided does not have option to run via unix socket. I have submitted the patch. Few days ago, I posted a write-up, FreeBSD : php-cgi spawn-fcgi rc.d script for nginx, […]

FreeBSD : Glusterfs with SSL (via stunnel)

I have been working on parallel round-robin web clusters (is this the right term?) using 2 x FreeBSD 7.1 AMD64 boxes, nginx (patched with fair upstream), apache + php (backend), glusterfs, tinydns (sitting on another box, a name server, for round robin A record) and mysql multi-master replication. The setup is mainly making use of […]