Random Post: DMR posts dws.s from pdp-7 Unix to net.unix-wizards

December 8, 1984 Dennis Ritchie posted the following:

I happened to dredge up an old notebook and found a listing
of the PDP-7 version of dsw.  Because several people have approached
me recently about reviving a version of PDP-7 Unix as a sort of
paleontological exhibit, and because the subject has been discussed
here, I thought people might be interested

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libpcap, tcpdump updated

Thanks to Aaron LI and Daniel Fojt, libpcap and tcpdump in DragonFly have been updated.   The vendor does The Right Thing and provides easy-to-find changelogs for both.

Multiboot tutorial, updated

Martin Ivanov has completed his multiboot + DragonFly tutorial.  You can read his users@ post on it now, though it should show up in dragonflybsd.org documentation soon.

Lazy Reading for 2020/05/17

No theme, cause I’m nicely spread out this week over topics. Historical rediscovery: Zarf’s Old Time Religion search. The Shareware Scene series: Part 1: The Pioneers, Part 2: The Question of Games, and Part 3: The id Boys. Recruiter Spam.  I am quite familiar with this.  (via) The Adventurer-Dense to Adventurer-Sparse Spectrum: Vance to Tolkien.  I have …

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BSD Now 350: Speedy Bridges

This week’s BSD Now is about half an hour of mostly FreeBSD items, though there is one feedback link of interest to any newer Lenovo laptop users.

A daemon(8) listens

You can now use newsyslog(8) to rotate logs being written by daemon(8), thanks to this commit from Peeter Must.