In Other BSDs for 2020/06/20

A relatively calm week. I was late and didn’t link to it before, so: BSD Now 355: Man Page Origins. National FreeBSD Day just happened.  (via) FreeBSD 11.4 is out. .Xcompose tips.  Not really BSD but that’s where you’d use it. FreeBSD Desktop – Part 21 – Configuration – Compton. Valuable News – 2020/06/15. System …

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Updates to the basics

Thanks to Daniel Fojt, diffutils, less, and sed have all had significant upgrades in DragonFly; the linked commits have the changes listed.  Somehow I expect utilities like less(1) to be frozen in time, not still updated and changed.

FreeBSD’s METALOG: unprivileged installs

What is METALOG?When you ‘make installworld -DNO_ROOT DESTDIR=blah’, the system will create a $DESTDIR/METALOG file. This file contains all the permission and modes for the files. Normally, installworld requires root permission. -DNO_ROOT instructs the…

sysclock_t goes to 64

DragonFly’s sysclock_t is now a 64-bit value.  This is a dramatic change, but should be invisible to userland.  Meaning, you don’t have to recompile world/update packages/etc.  It’s interesting but not eventful.

HAMMER2 and periodic snapshots

The first version of HAMMER took automatic snapshots, set within the config for each filesystem.  HAMMER2 now also takes automatic snapshots, via periodic(8) like most every repeating task on your DragonFly system.

Lazy Reading for 2020/06/14

Wide topic range, again. Pie Marches On, the best book about pie making I’ve ever read – and it’s about 80 years old. The Success and Failure of Ninja.  (thanks, Tse Gratis) Google Code-In is finished.  Summer of Code and Summer of Docs is still running. Remembering John Conway’s FRACTRAN, a ridiculous, yet surprisingly deep …

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