Lazy Reading for 2020/04/12

My sadly neglected RSS reader is overflowing. Chesses 2.  I posted about Chesses 1 some time ago; this is more.  (via) Paper Models of Polyhedra.  (via) Open Source Fonts Are Love Letters to the Design Community. The Original Internet Bottleneck. Gopherus – a DOS (and multi-platform, console-mode) gopher client.  Getting pretty obscure here.  (via) Curses …

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In Other BSDs for 2020/04/11

BUG meetings are canceled, but this can’t be surprising at this point. Installing FreeBSD for Raspberry Pi 1/2/3.  (via) Tale of two hypervisor bugs – Escaping from FreeBSD bhyve.  (via) SNMP Mastery is out.  (related:  The Print Book Trade, and Money) NYCBUG meetings are suspended for obvious meetings, but there’s online chat. BSDCan 2020 will …

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New tcsh in DragonFly

Even if you run bash, zsh, or maybe fish, tcsh is the default root shell in DragonFly – and it just had an update.  (all bugfixes according to the release notes)

BSD Now 344: Grains of Salt

Everything else is topsy-turvy, but BSD Now is a constant: it’s out like usual this week.  There’s a feature about text processing, a subject I inexplicably enjoy, and a lot of things that start with Z.

Spinlock tricks

This doesn’t really have any effect on you unless you are programming on DragonFly, but it’s interesting to read about a “spinlock trick” Matthew Dillon had implemented recently.