Lazy Reading for 2020/10/11

I guess history is a micro-theme? Think Twice Dice.  (via) Happy Birthday, Ethernet.  Still interoperable, 40 years later.  (via) How we ran a Unix-like OS (Xv6), on our home-built CPU with our home-built C compiler.  Sorta UNIX.  (via) “Myst” demake for Apple II.  (via) Ars Electronic 2017.  Follow the art links. Spamtoberfest. Related, Hacktoberfest needs …

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How to lose all your packages

If you delete all your installed packages, you will also lose the certificate used by pkg to verify the connection to download new ones.  There’s several workarounds for this problem.

How to Recover From a BIOS Upgrade

Recovering From BIOS UpgradeRecently, I booted Windows on my laptop for the first time in a while to play Portal 2 with my son. It asked me to upgrade, and I said ‘sure, upgrade the BIOS.’And then I couldn’t boot FreeBSD…  The BIOS upgrade delet…

New dports binaries available

A complete set of new dports binaries have been built, for 5.8 and for -current, so now is a good time to upgrade.  Update to 5.8.3 if you haven’t yet, while you are at it.

DHCPCD update

Roy Marples helped out with the news drought (for me) by committing dhcpcd 9.3.0 to DragonFly.  There’s a few user-affecting changes in there.

Lazy Reading for 2020/10/04

Hardware is the mini-theme this week, I think. Open source job with a cool title: Director Of Product, Disinformation at Wikimedia. Boring title but huge impact: Software engineer for BIND 9. Elite – the annotated source.  Quite readable, even if you don’t know assembly.  (via) Glitch techniques.  (via) Hacking a gopher client into the Alpha Micro.  …

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BSD Now 370: Testing shutdown

This week’s BSD Now has FuryBSD, FreeBSD, and LDAP as topics, and I’m describing it that way because I feel like writing as many capital letters as possible.

Something to read

I have nothing to post about, for the first time in a while, so here is a treat I have been saving: Request for biographies.  (follow the whole thread) It’s a long thread from the SIGCIS mailing list for biographies of various people important to computing/mathematics, and there are some real gems in there.  Your …

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