Lazy Reading for 2021/02/21

Today’s date is slightly confusing. A point to consider before retr0brigting.  Dirt as nostalgia. Ditherpunk 2 — beyond 1-bit.  I like the layout, not just the content.  (via) pineapple60, an ergonomic keyboard with trackpoint.  Made to fit in a Thinkpad.  (also via) Visiting Another World, about Gemini.  (via) Wonders of extraction: Coffee (part 1). 16th …

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In Other BSDs for 2021/02/20

There’s a lot to catch up on! FreeBSD 13.0-BETA2 graphics on the Panasonic CF-RZ6. fstab in FreeBSD jails. Using a custom boot logo on Lenovo ThinkPad T460s. POSIX locale tracking coming soon.  (MirBSD) /dev/{drm,drmR} replaced by /dev/dri/{card,renderD} runescape on openbsd? LWJGL 3.x now in ports tree (makes Minecraft >1.13 run). XScreenSaver alpha testers sought.  Needs non-Linux testers; …

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One more building fix

Because there’s a newer version of sh(1) in DragonFly, you may need to update your 5.8 system to continue building ports from source.  Binary installation through pkg still works as expected so this may not affect you.

BSD Now 390: Commercial Unix Killer

The menacing BSD Now for this week covers a bunch of stuff, not just post hoc arguments, but there’s a special request: old retail BSD software.  If you have older commercial disks or images floating around, they want to know.

New dports packages

There’s a new build of DragonFly 5.8 binary packages available.  There’s a sudo fix in there for the recent public cross-platform CVE it had, plus the linked announcement describes how to get around a pkg upgrade bug.

jitsi and DragonFly

I’m not sure if this is directly helpful, but a recent series of posts about running jitsi on DragonFly covers the different parts of setting it up.  There isn’t a “this is the solved answer” post to point at; I’m linking …